Stem Cells as the Building Block to Alternative Treatment for COPD

Stem cells serve as the building block for survival, it sets the foundation for every living being. They help in the formation of every tissue or organ in the body, which is unique from other cells, while they can still self-renew and replicate constantly.

Its flexibility provides another distinctive property when compared to other cells as their ability to create tissue for an organ different from their originating organ which is essential to their benefit in regenerative medicine.

How does Stem Cells Help in COPD Treatment?

Stem cell treatment helps to improve the lung functions that has been affected by chronic lung disease. Stem cells can help create differentiated cell, which means they can actually develop into any organ or tissue in the body, which proves their flexibility in the medical field. Due to their self-renew capability, they are ideal for improving body organs, thereby reducing the effect of damaged organs.

There are two alternative treatment to COPD and other lung related disease. These alternatives help to decrease the potential of rejection and undermines any possible controversy about stem cell therapy.

The two unique alternatives include: bone marrow andvenous (blood-derived).

The treatment method used for COPD is determined the patient’s health history and their present condition. The recommended treatment method would be suggested during a physician consultation. Stem cell treatment targets target the damaged organ, reinforcing function and improve lives.

The Minimal Invasive Process

Depending on the method recommended by the physician, the stem cells would be extracted from the patient’s body either through bone marrow or blood. These cells are isolated by a professional, and almost immediately, the stem cells are given back to the individual intravenously. Now, the stem cells can begin to improve the healing of lung tissue, helping patients to breathe easier and bring their life within reach.

Replace the seat by the ball chair

With so many people sitting every day for prolonged periods in traditional chairs, the lower back becomes a more vulnerable area to the emergence of chronic pain and muscle injury. A booster medium for counteract these disorders involves the replacement of his seat by an ergonomic chair or a ball chair.

In this article we will focus on replacing the chair with a ball chair.

Studies on the use of the ball chair in workplaces, warn of the gains that the instability of the ball brings to the individual who sits for hours and have to balance all the time. The muscles responsible for maintaining posture , are stimulated all the time and end up strengthened. It’s a great way to keep them tonficados while working.

Care To Sitina Ball Chair

  • Replace your office chair for a ball chair.Find one that suits your height. Most people should buy a ball with 65 cm diameter. If measures less than 1.67 m or more than 1.85 m, should buy a smaller or larger ball, depending on your height.
  • Sit in the middle of the ball with your feet flat firmly on the ground.Your legs should be aligned with the width of the hips, or the most comfortable position for you. Contract your abdominal muscles and sit with the torso upright.
  • Follow calmly in the process of replacing the chair by the balance ball chair.Most people can not sit in a ball for long periods of time early on. You may notice muscle pain in the early days because of the exercise and strengthening of new muscle.
  • By using a ball chair as chair, be careful not to lean back too.You can lose your balance and possibly injuring yourself.
  • Be sure to take frequent breaks during your work day.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure in Burwood

Your teeth can become dark because of various reasons. It can be caused by your poor dental hygiene or it can also be caused by smoking or consuming a lot of coffee for years. Either one, having dark teeth is really irritating. It definitely looks bad and it can make you lose confident. You can’t even smile too wide because you are ashamed with your dark teeth.

These days, there are different treatments designed for teeth whitening. I believe you often see ads on TV or online claiming to be the best teeth whitening product with instant result. Be very careful because many of those products are nothing than just a gimmick without real result. Even worse, some of them contains hazardous ingredients. You need to see a dentist and get the right treatment based on your actual condition. When you are looking for Burwood Dentist, NSW with a qualification in teeth whitening treatment, you don’t need to seek elsewhere than Homebush Dental Practice. Most people in this city knows this dental clinic very well. It has good reputation as preferred clinic by many patients in Burwood and surrounding area. No wonder because this clinic offers compassionate care for complete dental services including teeth whitening procedures.

Here in Homebush Dental Practice, the teeth whitening treatments offered are the most advanced procedures. The treatments will be performed by certified Burwood Dentist, NSW using methods and products approved by dental association. Be advised that this is a professional whitening treatment not like those over the counter whitening products. This treatment will definitely cost a lot higher than those products but it ensures optimum permanent result. Have concern with the cost? This clinic accepts major health funds. You better consult with your health fund agent to learn whether this procedure is covered or not.

After Hour Dentistry Service in Sydney

Routine dental checkup is very important because it is the most important factor to keep our dental and oral health. We all know very well how a toothache can be really irritating and that’s the reason we are gladly come to a dentist to get a dental checkup and treatment no matter how reluctant we are with the discomfort and pain of dental treatment.

The problem is some of us are very busy with our job that we often work late. It makes us difficult to find the right schedule for dental checkup and treatment. Wouldn’t it so much better when we can find after hours dentist Sydney to get our dental checkup and treatment after business hours. Off course there are dentists ready for late hour appointment but it comes with high cost you may hard to afford. Well, it’s time to get you out of misery. It is highly recommended for you to contact Rainbow Dental Practice. It is a leading private dental practice in Sydney with good reputation for its gentle, caring treatments with affordable rate. This clinic offers complete lines of dental treatments including after hours and emergency dentistry services.

Rainbow Dental Practice offers after hour appointment for patients who can’t find a schedule during the business hours. It covers different types of dentistry services including routine dental checkup, root canal, cosmetic dentistry, and many more. This clinic also offers 24/7 emergency dentistry service for patients requiring immediate treatment. With team of professional dentists and support staffs who are highly trained and highly experienced and also well-equipped facilities, this clinic is your trusted place to get the right treatment right when you need it. So, always remember when you need to find after hours dentist Sydney, you can go directly to Rainbow Dental Practice. There’s no reason to not get your dental health optimally maintained.

Healthy Foods to Eat on a Budget

If you are on a tight budget, finding healthy foods at the grocery store may seem like a challenge, but there are healthy and economical choices in every aisle of the store. As tempting as all that junk food out there may sound, it really can be cheaper to eat food prepared at home. And with a little imagination and experimenting with herbs and spices in the kitchen, it will taste better as well. The first key to healthier eating is to have more healthy foods available to eat at home. So stop going to the drive-through and don’t buy any more pre-packaged, over processed foods that you probably have in your kitchen now. Get yourself organized by creating a meal plan and a grocery list for the foods you need to prepare those meals. The next step is to go to your local grocery store and start buying whole foods that you can prepare at home with whatever kitchen resources you have there.

Increasing your consumption of whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, will actually make your food selections in general much simpler. If the foods you are chosing contain more than 5 ingredients and include a lot of unfamiliar, unpronounceable items, you may want to reconsider buying them. Counting calories, carbs, or fat grams won’t be as necessary when you select foods that are more a product of nature than a product of industry. Finding healthy foods to eat at the grocery store is pretty simple. They are found in the “fresh food” sections like the produce and refrigerated meat and fish departments. The frozen and dry aisles also contain good healthy foods, although there are many unhealthy distractions there as well.

Healthy foods you should have available at home to cook with include whole foods (food in its most natural state), fruits and vegetables, dairy products (low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and eggs), seafood, lean cuts of pork, beef and chicken, naturally sweetened whole juices and lots of water.

The kind of foods to avoid include refined grains (white flour or white rice), refined white sugar, any form of corn syrup and anything out of a box that contains more than 5 ingredients.

Making the switch to eating healthy food does require a change in mindset, along with some imagination and preparation. It will help to make a weekly meal plan, and from that a good, organized grocery list to take to the store with you. This will help keep you focused and cut down on the number of trips you make to the grocery store.

Weight Loss Program Diet Tips – How to Create Healthy Food Cravings

Why do we crave unhealthy foods? A healthy weight loss diet program often becomes a battleground between our desire to lose weight quickly, and snack cravings based on unhealthy food choices. We may not be what we eat, but research indicates that we desire the foods that we have grown accustomed to eating, so you could say that we crave what we eat. If you have created a pattern of eating ice cream for pleasure or when under stress, it should be no surprise that you will have a hankering for ice cream under the right conditions. Pavlov’s Dog, by any other name, is still Pavlov’s Dog.

But if we have, in effect, trained ourselves to want unhealthy snacks or foods, the reverse may also be true: we can train ourselves to crave healthy snacks and food. If we can do this, a bland tasting weight loss supplement could become just as desirable as a sweet roll.

I never craved coffee until I started drinking it. The same goes for double chocolate chip ice cream. The taste for coffee and chocolate must be learned through exposure to these foods and their flavors. If people who live in more primitive cultures in the jungle can have a hankering to snack on creepy-crawly insects unique to their habitat, surely we can develop our own desire for a decent, healthy snack, healthy fast food, and healthy food recipe choices when preparing meals.

So how do we re-program ourselves to turn a craving for sweets into something on the healthy food list? To quote a line from a movie, “Build it and they will come.” In this case, if we build the habit of making healthy food choices at meal and snack time, we will begin to want those foods instead of the ones we’ve given up.

There is a lot of pleasure associated with these snacking experiences, and most of us are reluctant to give them up. But if we can get ourselves to substitute some simple healthy food and snack recipes, we can train our mental and physical taste buds to desire them, and a new pleasure-association will be formed around the new healthy food choice or recipe.

Recent research has proven this. The results showed that new cravings can be formed to replace old ones, even though the new ones are based on bland, healthy foods, and the original ones were the tried and true fat and sugar tasty delights. The best news? It may only require one week to do it.

I’ve addressed some healthy snack ideas to use for re-training our cravings in another article. (It contains healthy snack ideas that also apply to children.) For now, I’ll give just a few examples of healthy snack food substitutions.

If you don’t want such a jolt to your taste buds right out of the gate, you can make it a two-step process in some cases. For example, when the seemingly uncontrollable urge for chocolate ice cream hits, instead have a coffee cup or glass of Chocolate Ovaltine and milk. Ovaltine is not like the junky chocolate milk mixes pitched to kids. Think of it instead as a healthy fast food snack. It contains vitamins and minerals, and if you use one or two tablespoons instead of the recommended four, not too much sugar.

Step two: Purchase a good chocolate flavored whey protein mix from your local health food supplier (or the flavor of your choice) and use it instead of the Ovaltine. These protein supplements are not anything like they used to be. In the past, they would NOT mix without a blender, and they tasted pretty bad. Not so anymore. They mix quickly by simply stirring or shaking, and the flavors are quite good. Trust me.

Now you’ve turned a fat and sugar ice cream binge into a healthy fast food choice: a protein supplement! In addition, it’s far more filling and satisfying. You won’t be tempted to eat anything as quickly as you would if you had succumbed and eaten ice cream.

Don’t think this will work? Well, I can vouch for it personally, and tests done on regular everyday people like us have proven the same. In fact, it worked when very bland but healthy food recipes and snack substitutes were used instead of the usual tasty treats, and in only a week’s time. People actually craved the bland tasting healthy snack food in preference to their old unhealthy treats.

Revealed – 7 Reasons to Eat Colorful Healthy Foods For Healthy Weight Loss

In order to lose weight and keep it off for good, a healthy way of eating foods is required. The more you add nutrient-dense foods into your daily diet, the more success you will have with leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating junk food all the time is what made you become fat. When you return to eating traditional and natural foods, you restore your health. When the body is healthy, it can perform its own miracles.

Most people think that the way to eat better for weight loss is through bland salads and products that say Fat Free on their labels. Nothing could be further from the truth, and that is why so many people struggle with their weight. All you really need to know is that the more colorful your plate looks, the healthier it is for you to consume.

Healthy foods can be classified by their color energy, which organizes their nutritional effects, taste, and actions of their properties and common healing qualities. The following list is of food categorized by color and the reasons why each group helps a person to lose weight in a healthy way.

Colorful Healthy Foods #1. Red Foods = Protein

Red foods such as strawberries, raspberries, cherries, tomatoes, watermelon are a great source of protein. Protein is essential for weight loss because it builds muscle, and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn. What happens when you try to lose weight without eating protein? You get a sickly look like you are not getting enough nutrition. Red foods are also provide lots of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Colorful Healthy Foods #2. Orange Foods = Detoxification

Eating lots of apricots, peaches, oranges, mango, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, squash, orange/yellow peppers will help detoxify the body and help you maintain good vision, bone and tooth development. This is because they help rid your body of toxins. Orange foods also make the skin healthy so when you lose weight in a healthy way, you will not wind up with a sagging look.

Colorful Healthy Foods #3. Yellow Foods = Power

When you lack energy in your diet, it can lead to poor memory, lack of concentration, tension, irritability, digestive problems and a lack of proper nutrient absorption. Add yellow foods into your diet, such as lemons, bananas, grapefruits, rice, corn, and eggs. Energy from these foods is essential for weight loss because a busy person burns calories a lot faster than someone too sedentary to get off the couch and move around.

Colorful Healthy Foods #4. Green Foods= Well Being

Green foods such as asparagus, spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, zucchini, green peppers, green apples, pears, avocados, green grapes, kiwi and limes, contain the most powerful combination of nutrients in any grain, herb or food source. Not only do they maintain your energy all day long, but they will also create a sense of well-being. This means you will experience an optimum balance for total health, so you will not feel hunger cravings as much.

Colorful Healthy Foods #5. Blue And Purple Foods = Improved Circulation

These foods are considered high in anti-cancer properties, and are helpful for the voice, and the organs and glands of the neck. These foods also contain nutrients that help improve circulation after eating, so they work best when added to any meal that is high in fat which causes the body to become sluggish because blood flow slows. Blueberries, plums, grapes are all great examples.

Colorful Healthy Foods #6. No Color Food = Meal Replacement

Whenever you are in doubt, help yourself to a soy-based protein shake. This is how I lost 70 pounds in 4 months and have kept if off for over 15 years. Sometimes you need a break from traditional food, specifically to get the kind of nutrition that can only come from soy. Adding colorful fruits into a shake will help accelerate weight loss and good health even more. Want an added special bonus tip? Drinking one cup of green tea burns off almost 100 calories and speeds up metabolism at the same time!

Colorful Healthy Foods #7. Beige and Tan Foods = Danger

Last but certainly not least is the food color group you want to stay away from whenever possible. If you look at your plate and see nothing but browns, tans and beiges, chances are good that you are not getting the best nutrition possible and it will slow down your weight loss. Stay away from cookies, cakes, burgers, hot dogs, pies, donuts…you know, all the stuff that made you fat. Eating these foods in moderation is OK, but more often than not you should be replacing them with colorful foods.

Eating has different purposes but the bottom line is that the more colorful ealthy Foods are in your diet, the better chance you will have at keeping yourself healthy and at an ideal weight. Living a healthy lifestyle and developing the mindset that goes aslong with it are the compenents of weight loss that most people never grasp. Instead of struggling with diet fads and magic pills, pay more attention to the colors on your plate and you will find yourself well on your way to weight loss success.

Healthy Foods to Eat For High Energy Supply

Energy is one of the most essential daily needs of the body from the healthy foods to eat. We need energy to do a lot of things both internally and externally with our bodies. Most people do not recognize the effort of eating healthy as energy giving until they go without a meal and just can’t master the strength to do normal daily activities. Energy helps to facilitate a lot of internal body activity too. It would be almost impossible to get around without the proper energy supplies. Investing in healthy foods to eat is basically investing in productivity and activity.

Healthy foods to eat for energy vary in level of requirements based on various factors. These factors include age, sex, physical occupation and medical conditions. However in all these cases there is a certain threshold to maintain in healthy eating for energy. Males require a lot more energy giving healthy foods to eat as most have a very high metabolic rate. People with high activity occupations such as sportsmen, construction workers, and say outdoor sales men require a lot of these energy giving foods to eat in order to be more efficient with their tasks.

What you should ask yourself is why are we heavily emphasizing on healthy foods to eat? This is because there are many foods in the food market that are not healthy to eat that emphasize on having energy giving abilities. The long term effects of these foods to eat can be very detrimental. What you should always emphasize on is the high energy supplies from healthy foods to eat such as fresh produce, whole grains and cereals among other high energy foods which have been freshly prepared. Such natural foods contain quality amounts of safe and adequate energy. Foods such as pasta, rice and oatmeal will give you a lot of energy to get through the day, fiber and supply some other smaller amounts of nutrients to your body.

Always taking healthy foods to eat should not be looked upon as a hefty task. Considering the rewarding returns of a tireless and fulfilling day, foods that are healthy are the best way to go. You can easily access most of these high quality and easy to prepare healthy foods to eat. Always ensure that you get a daily dose of energy giving foods before you leave the house in order to have adequate energy supplies through out the day.

How to Get Children to Eat Healthy Food

The challenge most parents face is trying to get their children eating healthy food. The subject of healthy eating is always a battle or a struggle between parent and child, and many times both parties become upset and frustrated.

The easiest way to get children eating healthy food is to start them young. Children form their eating habits before the age of ten. As a parent, focus on these formative years, and shape their eating habits early. Always serve healthy food in your home, and pack healthy lunches and snacks for your children. When you are in someone else’s home, be polite by eating their food, but teach your children how to spot healthier options, and encourage them to go for those options. While they’re still very young, give them no choice and they will probably not mind at all.

Another easy way to get children eating healthy food is to get them interested in healthy foods. Do this by having a range of healthy choices in your house. If you have many different kinds of food, but all healthy, then you won’t have to worry about your children making the wrong choice.

Also, introduce new foods like tofu, different fruit, and vegetables often. Consistently having a new fruit or vegetable once a week should be enough to spark your children’s interest in the food groups. Play games with your children, and have fun with colorful fruit. You can make fruit men with your children, getting them interested in many fruits!

It is important to remember setting an example for your children. You may impose all these rules, but if you don’t follow them yourself then your children will see that they won’t have to follow them someday either. During their younger years, children want to be just like their parents. If you show them that you eat healthy and you enjoy it, they will want to do the same. Even when your children aren’t around, choose the healthier option. It’ll be good practice for you and good for your health too!

When taking on the healthy eating endeavor, remember to be consistent. ALWAYS eat healthy and choose the healthy option. When you go out to restaurants, choose the healthy option for your kids, and show them how to choose the healthy options. Being consistent is the key to having children that eat healthy all the time. If you eat healthy food at home, but let your children eat unhealthy choices when they’re away from home, they’re likely to develop a taste for food they shouldn’t be eating. So be consistent and it will pay off!

Unhealthy Healthy Food

How can a food be both healthy and unhealthy at the same time?

There are dozens of articles about healthy food on the internet. Each list is a little different, but by and large, they all list foods that are reputed to have health-giving benefits.

If a food is rich in beneficial nutrients, how can it be unhealthy?

Joe had high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, adult-onset asthma, was borderline diabetic and significantly overweight. He was a yo-yo dieter and with each diet, he gained rather than lost weight. To say he was frustrated is an understatement.

Healthy foods like lettuce, onions, tomatoes, lemons and green peppers were part of Joe’s daily diet. But when he was tested for food sensitivities these very same healthy foods showed up on his list of unsafe foods. So regardless of the fact that these are normally considered healthy, for Joe, they were not. In fact when he eliminated his sensitive foods and followed a rotation diet, in less than four months, he lost 85 pounds, 16 inches on his waist and was able to stop taking his prescription medications.

Kim had chronic headaches. She was conscious about eating a healthy diet and loved carrots and peaches, which she ate frequently. Various allergy and sensitivity tests had not identified the cause of her headaches. Then she had the ALCAT Test for food and chemical sensitivities and much to her surprise, carrots and peaches showed up on her unsafe foods list. When she followed her rotation diet of safe foods, she lost 11 pounds after the first month and after five months, she was headache free.

Corrin had stomach aches and itchy skin daily as well as headaches and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) frequently, even though she ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly. She was aware of certain foods to which she was allergic and avoided those foods. Healthy foods like blueberries, cranberries and artichokes were some of her favorites and she ate them often. Even though she was conscious about eating healthfully, her symptoms persisted. When she was tested for food sensitivities the results showed that her favorite blueberries, cranberries and artichokes were among her sensitive foods. After four weeks of avoiding her intolerant foods and following a rotation diet, her symptoms were gone.

Dan’s daughter was hyperactive and had been diagnosed with ADHD. She’d been on medication for 5 years. Testing for food sensitivities showed intolerance to beef, apples, grapes and lemon. Within 24 hours after her sensitive foods were eliminated from her diet, she was much calmer. She eventually was weaned off her medication.

Every one of these people was found to have food sensitivities or intolerance to healthy foods. Even though these foods are rich in nutrients and are generally considered healthy, they were not healthy for Joe, Kim, Corrin and Dan’s daughter. They were their unhealthy healthy foods.

Note: This is not a substitute for medical advice. If you have health problems, consult your physician.